Javascript Common Problems & Their Solutions

As I am learning JavaScript from Microsoft E-Book Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 Book Link .

  • 1st Problem, You want to show “Hello [username]” ([username] is the name of user) If the user is logged in and “Hello World” if he/she isn’t. To solve this problem you can

var myLabel = document.GetElementById("label");
myLabel.InnerHTML("Hello " + (username || "World"));

  • 2nd Problem, You want to convert a string number (‘123’) into an integer number. This can be solved using the built-in Function Number()


var myStringNumber = "123";
var myNumber = Number(myStringNumber);

3rd Problem, You want to confirm that the user entered data is number or anything else. You can solve this by using JavaScript Built-in Function isNaN(). NaN stands for Not a Number.

var userEnteredNumber = prompt("Please enter your age?","");

alert("Please Enter a valid number");
// Things to do when user entered his age in correct format(Type)

I will be adding more tips and tricks as I learn new. So, bookmark this


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